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At the outset, the organic industry in India and globally is highly unorganised without proper supply channels and transparency. Unlike the conventional markets, organic and chemical free products’ producers right from millets to soaps don’t have proper marketing channels for their production. There is neither standardisation of rates nor discovery of sellers/buyers.

Are you an organic retail store struggling to find reliable suppliers? Are you a farmer finding it difficult to sell your produce at market rates? Are you a manufacturer who needs an effective sales channel to distribute to newer markets? kalpav is your place to be! 

kalpav builds TRUST between buyers and sellers in wholesale and bulk business. kalpav effectively reduces the problems faced by the B2B industry every day in terms of product availability, logistics, quality standards and payments. We aim to change the way wholesale business is operating in India.

Imagine a farmer in Punjab selling to a supermarket chain in Tamilnadu or a manufacturer in Karnataka selling to a trader in Assam, kalpav makes all of it happen without any hassles.


The team of kalpav comprises of people with varied experience in direct procurement of agri commodities from the farmers, bulk trade, wholesale and exports of commodities. We bring a combined experience of over 60 years to the table.

Over diverse experience in various forms of business helps our customers to deal with every nuance of the trade. Our experience will help our customers in better procurement, handling, logistics and pricing of the products.

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Contact Us

+91 91604 48866


#29, Kirana Complex, APMC Yard, Yeshwantapur, Bangalore 560 022.


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